Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello Baby

For no purpose at all other than to change things up a bit, I will refer to baby as "she."  If baby turns out to be a boy, sorry for the embarrassment, buddy.

We have a healthy little baby thus far.  And when I mean little, I mean all 3.5 cm.  As you can see she has distinct arms, legs, hands and feet now and the object sitting directly behind her is the yolk sac.  This is providing nourishment until she is able to completely rely on the placenta.  My uterus was said to look "nice" which didn't surprise me considering how roomy it must be the second time around.  But I didn't need the ultrasound to confirm that - I have a nice bulge that is quite indicative on its own.

This ultrasound image measured the fetal heart rate of the baby.  If there's any truth to the old wive's tale, we just might have a little girl in there.  Her heart was rapidly beating about 167 beats per minute.  I was trying to remember Evan's heart rate around this time and I want to say it was about 148 - but not positive.  In any case, the doctor seemed very pleased.  Evan wasn't the least bit interested in the images on the screen, but when she let us hear the heartbeat he immediately looked up and said, "What's that?"  And then it was back to what he was doing again.

This last image measured the baby from "rump to head."  As I mentioned before she measured a tiny 3.5 cm.  It really is amazing how rapidly they grow in just a month's time.  My next ultrasound will be the biggin' where we'll find out the sex and check in on all the vital organs.  That is scheduled at 22 weeks which should be June 14th.  The baby's growth also seems to be right in line with my last period which means the due date of Oct. 15th is now official.  Just like last time I'm feeling a little more in touch with my pregnancy now that I've had a glimpse of the life growing inside. It's just as fascinating now as it was then.


Kylie said...

The first pic takes my breath away! I'm a little sad that it's not twins though.. HA!!

Amanda said...

It really is incredible! My heart swells looking at it. I said THANKS THE LORD when the ultrasound tech said there was only one in there. I've literally had anxiety over the possibility!

Michele said...

If it is a little girl, which we hope, but long as healthy little girl, are you gonna name her
Michele Katherine Stinnett?@!

Amanda said...

Ha! I will certainly put it on the short list. Michele!