Thursday, July 22, 2010

Add Published Photographer to the Resume

How do ya like that?  Ha.

Not too long ago Robert asked me to come by the Soar and Explore booth and take some pictures of the ropes course and the zipline.  He mentioned Wonder Works was in need of some high resolution images that they could use for marketing purposes.  I guess I never thought they would actually make it into their brochures or on their rack cards. Yes, I am aware they're not worthy of any awards, but hey, their mine.  Maybe having a nice camera has its advantages.


Score said...

Great job! When you buy your telephoto lens, you'll be able to zoom in on them, too.

Clark Family Blog said...

I LOVE my Canon Rebel ( can't wait to get the T2I next.)I have the Zoom lens,and CAN"T remember life without it. I love that my husband, or I can stand on the beach and get CLEAR pictures of the other person and the kids in the waves ( that look like you were in the water right beside them.) I can also get pictures of Dolphins, or sailboats from the beach and they look like there RIGHT BESIDE me. You will NOT be upset if you invest in the zoom lens.