Monday, July 26, 2010

A Moment to Last Forever

Just recently Evan has made a change to our morning routine, one that I wish could last forever.

After breakfast it has always been an immediate must that Evan begins organizing and playing with his cars.  He typically sits for over an hour driving each car up and down the couch cushions until they are all in a straight and single file line.

Recently however he has pushed playtime down on his list of morning priorities.   He now finishes breakfast and moseys into our bedroom where he insists that Dada gets up.  "Get up, get up," he says.  He climbs into bed and wraps his arms around Robert and gives numerous Eskimo kisses.  Not being able to resist, I also climb back in bed where Evan goes back and forth between us giving hugs and kisses and enveloping himself in the sheets and blankets.  Once he has spread his love around he makes himself comfortable and requests that the "B.B." be turned on.  We all quietly lay in bed watching Spongebob Square Pants.  If this moment lasted forever I wouldn't mind one bit.  These are the simple times that make you love your family more than anything.


Score said...

how cozy! I'm sure you are thrilled about this. Sounds just like your Sundays before kids.

Kylie said...

ahh.. yes. I love those mornings!

Sarah said...