Friday, July 16, 2010

Chillin' in the Smokies

Greetings from Pigeon Forge!

If I didn't know any better I'd think I was still in Myrtle Beach - just at a higher elevation.  All the sites and attractions are identical to our coastal counterpart and the tourists are just as appealing - sense the sarcasm there?  I swear I could sit on an isolated bench somewhere and people watch for hours!  I am so intrigued by a person's sense of style, their social interactions and the food they choose to eat.  Sometimes you just want to ask, "What the hell were you thinking?!" I decided rather than wasting my time being judgmental I would actually play the part and get caught in the tourist trap.

Yesterday Evan and I hung out at the hotel and spent a good deal of time at the pool.  We were without a car since Robert had to drive to Knoxville for a meeting.  But we wandered over to visit a furry friend that Evan has had his eye on since we arrived.

They were charging incredibly high prices to ride on the camels, but I was suckered in of course.  Evan was literally shaking with excitement until the camel dude told me that I would not be able to ride since I was pregnant.  Pregnant people never get to have any fun!  So Evan threw a fit and I had to hoist him up and take him away.  I managed to find a brochure for muscle cars to calm him down and he gladly accepted it.  It's the simple things that seem to work.

The remainder of our day was spent visiting with Grandpa and Grandma Stinnett and Grandpa and Grandma Bopp in Knoxville.  We had dinner at The Bopps' house and put Evan to bed there.  He is spending today and tonight there so he can get in some much needed grandparent time.  It also gives Robert and I the opportunity to spend some QT together as well.  While Robert is working today I am hitting up the outlet mall.  All I gotta say is,"GET OUT OF MY WAY, PEOPLE!  I will be in full-on shopping mode.  Even if I come back empty handed I will be taking full advantage of browsing freely with no distractions.  It's amazing how good that feels when you never have the opportunity.  I'll be sure to save some energy for my date tonight.  I must say, I'm pretty excited.

Tomorrow's agenda:
The Knoxville Zoo

Sorry, Dolly - I will have to exclude a visit to your park this time, but maybe next trip we'll two-step right on over to your stompin' ground.

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