Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He is BIG

As if we haven't heard that a million times. But our new pediatrician went ahead and confirmed it once again at Evan's two year well visit this morning. He is reportedly in the 98th percentile for weight at just under 36lbs, the 95th percentile in height at 37" and still holding strong in the 98th percentile for head circumference at 52 cm. As our doctor simply put it, "He is BIG!" But she also added that there is no reason for concern because he is completely proportional. Like we ever thought there was a reason to worry. I was instructed to make sure he stays on 2% milk and at age three I can then go down to 1%. It's amazing how weight can be such an issue even at this young of an age.

One not so thrilling issue that we discussed was his botched circumcision. I brought it up yet again because Evan has recently been saying, "my wee wee hurts" every time I change his diaper. I thought maybe due to the extra skin he was starting to get an infection of some sort so I wanted her to take a looksy and make sure that was not the case. She claimed there were no physical issues, but that we should really consider having him recircumcized.  She felt that there was a slim chance he would grow into the skin that was left therefore leaving him with a botched job.  It would also appear somewhat ambiguous - are you circumcized or are you not circumcized?  I would be heartbroken to know that my son was the butt of every locker room joke.  So we're heading down to Charleston in September to see a pediatric urologist to get a professional, specialized opinion.

Other than that - happy and healthy!  Next appointment isn't until age three.  Word.

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Score said...

Poor Evan! But I'm sure your dad's glad his head is still huge!