Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nursery Design on a Budget

My friend Sarah, the designaholic (although she's certainly not in denial about that fact), took the time to put together various design elements to produce a fabulous nursery for MJ.  As we all know, the more money you're able to spend the more fabulous your designs can be - generally speaking of course.  The good majority of us however live on a budget and have to be somewhat realistic in our design choices.  As much as I would LOVE to just snap my fingers and have all of Sarah's findings make themselves at home in MJ's nursery - well, it just ain't gonna happen - I can quickly hang that one up.  But I have decided to challenge myself by following Sarah's design as closely as possible only finding budget friendly alternatives.  Here are the main components that Sarah chose:

Mattie' Nursery
$100 -

scalloped mirror
The grand total of this nursery design is roughly $3500 - and this excludes the extra accessories.  I wouldn't be able to afford to give birth to MJ if I threw down that kind of money for her nursery.  Luckily, we already have the crib and the dresser which Sarah included in her mock up.  I've already acquired a few alternative pieces, but I will reveal the budget friendly nursery in its entirety when I have completed my search.
Let's also keep in mind that Evan's big boy room is currently underway too - so I can't put enough stress on the word budget.  Not to mention the guest bedroom.  The rest of the house is somewhat in order - needs some more accessories here and there, but the major components are there.
OK - it's on.


Sarah said...

you forgot the driving force behind the concept which was the giraffe print but we know thats out. So back to the birdhouse idea over the crib and that Serena & Lily lounger can be the Tullsta on rockers?

Amanda said...

Yeah, the giraffe is definitely out, but I do like the birdhouse idea as an alternative. Not sure if I can pull off the rocker conversion. I don't have the proper tools and Robert's step-dad said it's definitely doable, but harder than one might think. I found another chair that I think will work.