Monday, August 23, 2010

Back from Chicago

I feel like I have just returned from a week long visit to Chicago when it was really just a couple of days.  I guess the amount activity that comes with the arrival of a newborn and a first birthday party can make a couple of days seem a bit longer.  But I felt so fortunate that I had these days to spend with Tim and his family.

Baby TJ is perfect.  He is beautiful in every sense of the word and seems to be a good baby so far.  Tim and Ruth just might be blessed with another "easy' baby.  It was amazing how small a 7 lb. baby felt in comparison to Evan at 9 lbs - he seemed so fragile.  But holding him felt so natural which gave me a little boost of confidence for our own little adventure in October.

As for the birthday girl - well, I just wanted to eat her up.  I've never seen a happier, more adorable little girl.  Isabel was even more precious than the last time I saw her.  Of course she had no clue it was her birthday, but she thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention.  She was also very sweet to her new baby brother.  She showered him with hugs and kisses and gave him an occasional "pat" on the head - this had to be monitored since she doesn't seem to know her own strength.

My brother is planning a visit to SC in November to see our newest addition to the family roster.  I'm hoping he will bring my Izzie along so she and Evan can hang out.  Eventually we'll be able to get both of our families together so that all the cousins can hang - I'm really looking forward to that time!


Score said...

Love the pics! The kids are so cute. Hopefully Robert and Evan survived without you!

Kylie said...

Agree, great pics. It is so sweet seeing pictures of Tim with his baby girl! I can't believe you didn't take Evan - did that last plane trip do you in? Did Robert do OK? Tell Evan to stop crank calling me!!