Monday, August 9, 2010

A Registry of Sorts

With MJ's due date quickly approaching we have had several friends and family members ask about our needs as far as baby gear goes.  Because I saved almost everything for Evan we have most of what we need with a few exceptions.  I don't believe in registries after the first baby, so I thought I would list our few needs here to make it a little easier on those who are interested.

(Thanks, Jess for the heads up on this bag-very functional.)

I realize these are larger items, but due to the demise of our other stroller and car seat, the fact that we borrowed a swing and had to give it back and my stupidity for never getting a real diaper bag in the first place - well, this is where we're left.  The baby wrap is more of a want because I witnessed how easy my sister-in-law carried around my niece and I told myself that I would have one of those for the next baby.


Kylie said...

Hey I don't recommend that stroller... Was it recommended to you? As much as u use yours u should consider a side by side jogger type... Speaking from my own experience anyway

Amanda said...

Thanks for your input. I've been going back and forth on a side-by-side double or this one (which actually got good reviews). But you're right - I think with as much use as I get out my stroller I will appreciate the sturdiness of a jogging stroller more. Heard anything about this one I posted? It got good reviews as well.