Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blog Book

I came across a website this morning where you can turn your blog into a book.  How ingenious is that?  For those of us attempting to keep a life journal of sorts this is a perfect option once you feel you've reached a point to produce a hard copy for your children, family members, etc.  I'm already in the habit of creating a photobook of each passing year, but to be able to have my day-to-day musings nicely organized on glossy pages would be pretty awesome.

My only question would be when is the right time to publish?  I guess it's possible to create a pregnancy journal.  Or maybe a journal pertaining to a baby's first year?  Robert suggests creating a book every 5 years starting with Volume 1 - I think I like this idea.  Whichever way chosen, it's a great option to have in order to pass along your memories.

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