Monday, August 9, 2010

Pregnancy Stats

I have definitely neglected MJ as far as pregnancy updates go, but this is not to be taken any other way other than I've been there and done that. I am more knowledgeable this time about symptoms and routine tests so it seems pointless to report - but this pregnancy has definitely been different so it's necessary that at least make note of that.

I am just shy of 31 weeks and really starting to feel big and uncomfortable.  I have gained 25 lbs. thus far, but five of those pounds were in just the last two weeks!  My doctor was a bit concerned because not only were my glucose levels elevated, but gaining weight more rapidly could indicate gestational diabetes.  I have to get a more thorough test done on Thursday that will determine whether I do in fact have gestational diabetes.  My doctor thinks that I am fine since my numbers were only slightly elevated based on their standard.  She checked my sugar just last week and my levels were great - so I'm fairly confident that Thursday will bring no bad news.

I have failed to mention the effect this pregnancy has had on my skin.  Contrary to my pregnancy with Evan, I have had no problems with pimples or blemishes.  In fact, my skin quality has been better while pregnant than not pregnant.  That's always a plus.  Although I'll deal with a few pimples over being pregnant any day.

Another issue I've been dealing with that I never really experienced my first pregnancy is what's referred to as "baby brain."  It's essentially memory loss due to those raging hormones.  Many times I simply can not remember where I left my keys or if I took my prenatal pill or not.  I'm sure I've taken a double dose several times not even realizing it.  It's an extremely frustrating feeling so I hope to never deal with Alzheimers or anything similar in the future.

Nine more weeks - and no, I'm not ready.

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Sarah said...

hardly seems as if it should still be 9 weeks. October will be here before I know it, for you time will pass ever so slowly!