Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fire Trucks

It's fire safety month and our community fire department held a little festival for families to come out and grab a bite to eat and learn a little something about fire safety in their homes.  We figured this would totally make Evan's night considering he's obsessed with fire trucks and never turns down a hotdog.  As usual - we were right!

I was secretly hoping the firemen would have to give me an escorted ride to the hospital - no such luck.


Score said...

I've never seen a happier kid. I'm sure he could barely contain himself. Those cargo pants are da bomb, by the way.

Faith Clark said...

We had Jaxson b-day party at the volunteer fire station last year. It was SOOOOO nice, b/c all they asked for was a donation ( They said like $25-50, but we gave them $100) they had the table set up with table clothes, and allowed us to bring our own food, and let the kids check out ALL the firetrucks. If Evan is that into firetrucks, you might be able to do something like that in your area?

Amanda said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Faith. I didn't realize the fire department was that user friendly. I will have to check into that.