Thursday, October 7, 2010

Self Maternity Photo Shoot

Throughout both of my pregnancies I attempted to document my growing belly by taking photos every few weeks.  The pictures were never meant to be high quality considering I usually just propped the camera up allowing myself a few seconds to run and quickly sit in its view in time for it to snap a quick shot.  When I was 38 weeks pregnant with Evan however I decided I really wanted a few maternity pictures that I could actually frame or put in an album that portrayed pregnancy for what it really is - beautiful.  So my friend Amanda set me up in a studio where she works and she took some amazing pictures that I have admired ever since.

Well, here I am 39 weeks with MJ and I have nothing of worth, as far as pictures go, to show for this pregnancy.  I also don't have Amanda to depend on to take any pictures for me.  And Robert doesn't know how to use my camera.  So, what to do, you ask?

Never underestimate the power of the self-timer.  Right, Amanda?

I decided I would do my own pictures.  That's right - by propping up the camera again and rushing into its view finder.  But this time I had a specific style of picture in mind that I wanted to take and through various resources I learned what settings I needed to use for my camera in order to accomplish that goal.  By playing around with the exposure and contrast and using natural light softened by the sheer curtains this was the final result - and I'm really happy with it.


Score said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! excellent job. I totally forgot to work up the pics last night, but looks like you did a great job! I'll still work on them and get them back to you. love it!

Kylie said...

Just lovely!!!! I think she will like looking at these 20 years from now.

Daniel, Stephanie, Micah, and Elijah Dias said...

Wow, wow, and wow! I would've have down some of those except I don't think my 2 hands could've covered enough up, up top! HA! What awesome memories you're making!

Laura said...

is my belly gonna get that big?? it's beautiful :)

Amanda said...

Laura - if you have kids the size of mine, yes! :)

Thanks y'all!

Todd Parker said...

Hi Amanda,I know it may seem strange for a guy to post a comment on a blog like yours,but I hope you like what I'm going to say.I LOVE your self maternity photo shoot,for I think it turned out just BEAUTIFUL!!!You have an AMAZING pregnant belly that's WONDERFULLY shaped so I don't think any shots of it could turn out bad no matter who was behind the camera!!!!!!!!!!