Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going All the Way

I never got around to giving the run down on yesterday's last and final check-up (39 1/2 weeks).  The plan going in was that if I was at least 4 cm dilated I would be sent over to the hospital to have my water broken and finally meet our baby girl.  MJ simply will not cut her Mama any slack.  I was "just shy" of 4 cm so my doctor wrote up a hospital order for Friday morning, the 15th - also my due date.  If I don't have the baby before then I am instructed to be at Waccamaw Hospital, 6 am sharp.  My doctor will break my water soon thereafter and we should finally meet Miss Mattie J.

I've been so consumed in the possibility of going into labor these past two weeks I barely noticed how quickly my due date actually approached.  Here I am staring the reality of two kids right in the face!  Ahh!  It would still be pretty cool to go into labor tomorrow since it's the 14th - I was born on December 14th.  Robert and Evan were both born on the 11th (August and July, respectively) - Girls vs. Boys.  My doctor laughs every time I throw out a new date that would be "neat" or "cool."  She thinks Robert and I are obsessed with numerology when in fact we don't really care.  It's just something to think about while we patiently wait for our child to arrive.  Well, not so patiently any more for me.  But I'm also the one with a foot permanently wedged underneath my ribcage.

The last thing my doctor said before I left the office was, "The only thing that could possibly slow your labor down after we break your water will be the size of the baby.  You're looking at another 9+ lber."  FANTASTIC!  Looking forward to the recovery.

Oh, final weight gain for this pregnancy - 34lbs.  WORD.


Score said...

Hang in there! One more day!

Jessica Santel said...

Cannot wait to meet your sweet baby girl!