Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

We spent last night trick or treating through our neighborhood with an insanely cute giraffe and one enthusiastic dinosaur.

One of our favorite families, the Farrells, came to visit this weekend to not only meet MJ for the first time, but to also celebrate the day that kids can be whatever they want - in this case a giraffe and a dinosaur.  We heard a great deal of roaring and talk about long necks.

I guess the majority of our neighbors didn't see the tv announcement that trick or treating would take place on Saturday because we managed to find only a handful of homes that left the porch light on for us - not that it mattered really.  Three homes seemed to be an adequate number for a couple of two year olds.  For each door that was opened for us Evan made himself right at home.  He literally walked right inside as if he was planning to stay awhile.  Between the heavily practiced "trick or treats" and "thank yous" Dylan and Evan made quite an impression, I must say.  
Mattie stolled along as well
The rest of the evening was high energy due to the overload of candy, but the sugar crash soon followed.

I think the parents had just as much fun witnessing this experience as the kids did participating.  Dan and Sarah - the next visit is on us!  Love y'all.


Kylie said...

More cuteness!

Score said...

Love those costumes! That dinosaur is hilarious. I'm sure they were super-cute together. We had a TON of trick-or-treaters tonight. No candy leftovers for me.