Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mattie's First Photo Shoot

While Evan was busy smooching his girlfriend, Emme, this past weekend Mattie was busy posing for the camera - Amanda's camera that is.  Any time Amanda comes to visit the cameras come out to play and being that this was an ideal time to capture some great photos of the kiddos she even went as far as setting up a makeshift studio in the guest bedroom.

Behold - Mattie's Newborn Photo Shoot

And Mattie wasn't the only cute subject - Emme and Evan held their own in that department.

More to see in my gallery.  Thank you, as always, Amanda!  xoxo


Kylie said...

first photo shoot a success!! she tolerated it very well!

Score said...

It was fun and I loved being there with ya'll. Thanks so much for everything!

jack said...

Its amazing how much those two look like amanda. I can even see it in mattie already. She has the Evans mouth.