Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday DC

We spent a colorful weekend in Southern Pines celebrating Dylan's 3rd birthday with our great friends, Dan and Sarah.  Bouquets of vibrant colored gerber daisies, a bright assortment of balloons and a multi-colored cake brought the rainbow inspired party to life.

Dylan got a brand new outdoor playset for her birthday that Evan was more than happy to help break in. But I'm pretty sure Stan's (Sarah's dad) backhoe was what won his heart in the end.

The kids literally ran themselves ragged as well as most of the adults.  Our early exit to bed made our trip seem even shorter than it really was, but we had a fantastic time as always.  Other than sleeping, Mattie just hung out - literally.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Dylan!


Score said...

Looks like fun! Happy Birthday DC!

Kylie said...

First, I love Dylan's curls. Second, Sarah's dad really looks like my Dad - like a lot from a distance. haha!