Monday, May 2, 2011

Papa and Uncle Todd

My dad and my brother, Todd, made plans a couple of weeks ago to drive down and spend the weekend with us.  Evan anxiously awaited their arrival, especially Todd's.  He kept asking, "Mama, when Todd be here?"  "Will Todd be at Evan's house later?"  "Can Todd read me a book?"  He even demanded that Todd brush his teeth.

When they finally arrived on Friday afternoon Todd instantly became Evan's jungle gym for the next two days.  We spent a good amount of time outside and took a trip to Wonder Works on Saturday.  And as soon as they left on Sunday Evan asked, "When Todd gonna be here again?"

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Sarah said...

I like all of the Todd questions. btw I've been convinced for quite some time that you should paint your dining room chairs light blue. I have an example if u wanna see