Monday, May 23, 2011

Rockin' a Mom Suit

After giving birth to Evan I wasn't sure what to expect as far as a post-baby body goes.  Obviously the 50 lbs I gained over the course of 40 weeks caused a bit of stretching on my rather slender frame leaving a few permanent markings above my belly button.  Now of course I am my own worst critic, so what I consider noticeably ugly, most every one else would consider obscure or insignificant.  But every one else's opinion can't change the way I feel about myself - I have to be comfortable in my own skin.

When summer finally rolled around I had to decide just how comfortable I truly was with my new body.  I had lost all my weight and was back in pretty good shape, but those two little stretch marks made me decide that my bikini days were over.  I justified my decision by telling myself that I need to cover up a little more any way - I mean I am a mother now.  So I opted for the tankini and actually found some really cute options.  I wore this style for a couple of summers, but just never felt like it did any thing for my figure.

Fast forward two more years - I am now a mother of two.  I am in better shape after my second pregnancy than I was after my first, except of course for a little extra belly - but I have actually come to terms with that addition.  Unless I'm gonna be baring my belly, a six pack doesn't seem nearly as important any more - and quite frankly, requires too much work.  So again, a bikini is no longer a contender and the tankinis just don't do much for me or my body.

I was walking through Old Navy last week and spotted a really classy one piece hanging on the rack.  I have always dismissed this particular style because, COME ON...who wears a one piece these days??  Well, in my opinion...a mother.  But in my mind - not a cool, stylish mother - more like a mom who also sports a fanny pack.  For some reason when I would think one piece I envisioned a Speedo that accentuated all the wrong areas and could make even Pamela Anderson look flat.  So no matter the cut, print or brand I always turned my nose up to a one piece. That is, until last week.

I grabbed this suit to hopefully prove myself wrong about one pieces...

Let me tell you - not only did I prove myself wrong, but I am a HUGE fan now.  This suit is not only stylish, classy and cute, but I felt so comfortable as I pranced around my dressing room.  I realized that all the bending over I have to do at the beach and all the running I do after crazy kids - hell yeah - this was just the right fit.  But the icing on the cake - belly issues?  What belly issues?  Awesome.

So I bought not one...but two!

And it sure didn't hurt that these babies were only $17.50 a piece.  Score.


Score said...

Very classy!

Laura M said...

I still have the dark line going down the center of my belly and my doc said it will only get darker in the sun.... Old Navy here I come!

Kylie said...

I'm back in my bikini this weekend - first time in almost 5 years! whoohoo!! I'm not saying it's gonna be pretty, but it's doable.