Friday, May 13, 2011

Field Day

What kid doesn't remember field day?  An entire day spent outside - no class, no work, bagged lunch, sack races and a ribbon or two if you were fast.

I don't think I had the opportunity to participate in a field day as early as two years old, but Evan did.  Belin organized an amazing event today that I'm so glad I was able to attend.  All of the classes were designated a color in which they wore a t-shirt and spray painted their hair accordingly.  Call it Robert's lucky day - Evan's class was the orange team.  He fails to remember - or maybe accept - that in SC orange stands for Clemson.

So there were several orange heads roaming around...

I was only able to stay for the first four events, starting with one of my favorites - the parachute.

Next, the most classic - the sack race.

We moved on to tug-o-war, two year old style - this means a string rather than a rope with out much tension on either end :)

Oh, and the dreaded obstacle course - not sure if any child grasped this concept.

Hula Hooping was the last of what I was able to witness and it definitely didn't disappoint.

And Evan picked me a few flowers in between...

Hi Mattie Girl...

Exhaustion set in around 3 pm - along with tantrums and  bad attitudes.  But at least the first few hours of the day made it all worth it.  Ask Robert and he may have a different opinion on that.

Yay for field day.

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Score said...

Yay for field day. wish I could have been there!