Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Your Birthday

Yes, you are a year older which makes you 36 today.  You should feel ancient.   And I doubt it comes as any surprise that I've made it my mission to never allow you to be "younger" than me.  I'll even stoop so low to Photoshop your pictures to look older if I have to.  You will grow older with me - I still need my big brother.

It's baffling how time has flown by since you left us, yet time has totally stood still.  Sometimes I feel like I spent time with you just the other weekend - but then I realize how much has changed in my life over the last two years and I realize you did not play a part in those memories.  I struggle with that.

You share your birthday today with a very special person.  Someone you never had the pleasure to meet.

This is your niece, Mattie Jane.  She is 7 months old today.  She has a sense of humor that you would definitely appreciate.  She makes us laugh all the time.  She's sitting up now, but sometime wavers from side to side and eventually falls over.  She has a dislike for green beans and peas, but loves carrots, sweet potatoes and squash - and all fruits of course.

Her favorite activity is her bouncer swing - you remember, the one that Evan loved so much.  She goes to town in that thing and laughs and squeals the entire time.  She's a chunker, but we tell her to enjoy her rolls and dimples while she can - they won't be very cute in about 10 years.

You'll be proud to know she's a tough little cookie.  Evan has hit over the head with his toys, pinched her legs, laid on top of her and kicked her many times - it doesn't seem to phase her.  She giggles and laughs, just happy that he's showing her attention.  She loves her big brother.  Just as much I love mine.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan.


Score said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! I miss you too!

Sarah said...

what a beautiful way to celebrate 2very special people together

Kathy said...

Beautiful !!