Monday, September 13, 2010

Another First for the Week

The first week of school brought on Evan's very first fever accompanied with a non-stop flow of snot that I fear may come as a permanent part of the daycare package.

This week Evan has suffered his first school related injury.  He apparently took it straight to the face/head from a girl.

I received the call from Miss Aimee this morning informing me that Evan had been hurt on the playground but seemed to be ok.  He was evidently strolling by the swingset not realizing he was in the direct path of one of the swings.  "He literally got a shoe straight to the face that flipped him completely over," said Miss Aimiee.  My first thought was and where were you when this was happening?  But then I stopped myself because I know all too well how quickly these things happen and I certainly can't be throwing around the blame that easily.  Unfortunately, as a mom it seems to come naturally.  I was reassured that he was fine, but that she would keep an eye on him to make sure he showed no signs of a concussion.

When I arrived to pick up Evan I signed an injury report with the realization that it wouldn't be the last one I would see.  I also realized that I need to toughen up if I'm ever gonna survive this daycare thing.


Score said...

C'mon, you know how tough Evan is. That big head is really hard. Just kidding. I would have probably freaked out a little, too. glad he's ok. guess he'll know to look out for the swings now.

jack said...

It's only going to get worse as he gets older. When I was six I made a set of wings out of cardboard and was completely prepared to jump of the roof of the garage. Right before I went to try out my newly fashioned wings I remembered an episode of roadrunner where Wylie Coyote tried something similar. It was then that I realized his wings were even better than mine and his flight ended in tragedy. I decided this was a bad idea. When you have a boy all you can do is hope he learns from his mistakes and pray.