Friday, September 10, 2010

Here's What We're Working With

These are the key components of MJ's nursery.  Obviously accessories are not included here other than a few art prints.  But based on my own personal challenge to achieve a budget friendly design that is both modern and stylish, this is the cost breakdown.

  1. Gulliver Crib - IKEA - already had
  2. Confetti Forest White Fabric by thebline - Spoonflower - $36 for 2 yards 
  3. Berry Chevron Fabric by thebline - Spoonflower - $36 for 2 yards
  4. Hot Dot in Sky Fabric by Heather Bailey - Etsy - $7.50 for 1 yard
  5. Hemnes Dresser - IKEA - already had
  6. Art Work x 6 - Feed Your Soul -  Free Download
  7. Wooden Shelves (painted white) - IKEA - $6 for 2
  8. Snille Visitor Chair - IKEA - already had
  9. Scalloped Accent Table - Wal-Mart - $25
  10. Regolit Pendant Lamp - IKEA - $10
  11. Bentwood Rocker - Craigslist - $20
  12. Zinnia Path in Spring Fabric by Paula Prass - Etsy - $13 for 2 yards
  13. Leather Pouf - Target - $20
  14. Expedit Bookcase - IKEA - $69

Let's quickly revisit the final cost of the fabulous nursery Sarah put together for me - also excluding most accessories her total cost was roughly $3500.  The total cost of my nursery ended up being a modest $250.  My cost includes all art work and wall hangings.  I may have an additional $30 - $50 in other accessories which still brings me in under $300.

How 'bout that for budget friendly?  I'll be posting pictures soon.


Score said...

I like it! I'm super proud of your thriftiness and how handy you've become. Can't wait to see it in person.

jack said...

For me it would be easy to be thrifty when the alternative is spending $3,500. You have become quite crafty. Im impressed.

Kylie said...

she's crafty! ha

Laura said...

the suspense is killing me!

Amy (the b-line) said...

Just saw your nursery on Ohdeedoh and wanted to stop by. It looks wonderful! And I recognize the fabric! Well done!