Friday, September 24, 2010

Music to My Ears: Dilated

Just went in for my weekly check-up and found I am already dilated - just 1 cm, but my cervix is also soft.  MJ has dropped some since my last appointment too so that is yet another indication that labor is right around the corner.  I was having mild to medium crampage yesterday, but what I thought could be contractions ended up being diarrhea (if you find this detail gross, my apologies - this is for my record).  The diarrhea continued until this morning so I decided to google its connection to labor.  And what do you know?  Diarrhea is a sign of labor.  My doctor referred to it as "nature's enema."  She said she had a patient two days ago dealing with the same symptom and she was delivering a baby 48 hours later.  Whoa, dude!

Another bit of information my doctor shared with me is that they will do an induction at 39 weeks if I so desire.  I'm hoping I will go into labor on my own before then, but I imagine I will probably take them up on that offer if I haven't.  I will say the convenience of planning your own birth is quite remarkable.  So much for spontaneity, I guess.

My mind is reeling now with everything I need to get done before MJ decides to make an appearance.

  • Pack a hospital bag
  • Purchase newborn diapers
  • Not much I can do about the infant carrier I ordered and still waiting on - oops.
  • Have someone on call to take care of Evan
  • Make sure camera/video are charged
  • Get my remaining magazine assignments completed
I'm sure I've forgotten several important things - but oh well.  We're about to have a baby! :)