Sunday, September 5, 2010

That Didn't Take Long

It only took three days in the presence of germy kids for Evan to be sent home with a fever.  I picked up an extremely snotty, congested boy on Thursday who never led on for a second that he wasn't feeling well.  He had a fever of 102 degrees and was apparently breathing heavy and slobbering during nap time which prompted his teacher to take his temperature.  He was not allowed to return to school on Friday.

It's been a couple of days and it seems Evan is beginning to feel better.  No more fever, reduction of snot, but still congested and coughing.  I'm assuming he'll be okay to return to school on Tuesday.  I was so happy to have my mom visiting on Thursday because I was a complete newbie to dealing with a sick child.  This was the first fever Evan has ever had and he did not handle it well on Thursday night and Friday.  Nothing seemed to make him happy and he fought me tooth and nail on every little thing.  Mom helped me keep my cool which I appreciated very much.

I have a feeling these early dismissals from school will be more frequent than not.  Evan's immune system better be ready for a beating because that's exactly what it's gonna get these next few months.  It's a good thing I have a few months before I go back to work.  Evan may be spending more time at home with me after all.


Score said...

Scott is already getting sick from going back to school, too. Hopefully the little guy will be fine!

Kylie said...

you may have a couple of months of this ahead of you! it's either now or later! xoxo

EmWalker said...

Aww! I hate that!:( But at least it will not be so bad when he gets to kindergarden. That's what I've been telling myself ever since Ella started day care. By then, they will be immune system PROS!