Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ropes Course Challenge

I've mentioned before how much Evan loves visiting Dada at work.  Between his fascination with the friendly ducks, his curiosity in the ropes course contraption and his confusion with people zipping by on the zipline he has more than enough to keep himself occupied at the Soar + Explore Hut - but especially today.

Today Evan had the opportunity to satisfy that puzzling curiosity he has with the ropes course.  Robert decided he would strap him in a harness and take him up to face his fears - we've been convinced for a long time that those don't exist for Evan.  This experience however confirmed two things for us:  (1) Evan is extremely independent and wants to do everything on his own - even if it is completely new to him.  And (2)  Yes, he does actually show caution when he is unsure of something.  The ropes course was just uncomfortable enough for Evan to request to get down.  He never demonstrated fear - more like uncertainty.

Nevertheless, he enjoyed  his time with Robert and I'm sure he'll make a go of it again the next time we make a visit.


Score said...

Cute shoes dude! I can't believe he was scared at all. At least he does have some clue about danger....

Sarah said...

love the shoes!