Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beyond Adorable

I decided to try another sewing project to make use of the left over fabric I had from MJ's nursery.  Because I am one of those mothers who is totally guilty of letting their child run around in only a diaper at home, I thought I could at least make a cute diaper cover that could pass as being partly dressed.

How cute will MJ look in this?

You can see that my stitching is still far from perfect and it took me way longer to make this than the average person - but seriously, so cute, right?  I have found so many adorable sewing projects that I will hopefully get around to trying. But being a newbie time is a must.  I was able to get this finished today because I am taking care of my sick little boy (again) who only has the energy to lay in the bed and watch tv.  He has an ear infection and a fever and is not at all happy about it.  But how sweet does he look?



Score said...

I love them! I hope Evan feels better soon. Maybe that was why he was throwing his nighttime tantrums.

Kylie said...

Hope Evan feels better. I love the bloomies... Emme has them in every color, they are the cutest.

Kylie said...

PS I just love MFAMB.... It really made me feel better today.

Sarah said...

super, soon I'll have you chained to a sewing machine at my house making drapes, custom pillows and slipcovers, this is working out great!