Thursday, September 16, 2010

Measuring Big

Should we really surprised by this?  I mean it's not like we haven't heard that phrase a million times before.  In fact, that phrasing was used during so many visits when I was pregnant with Evan that it's become an expectation even now.  We were also informed that MJ may possess the all too familiar Evans' family trait - the monster melon.  Yay, I thought.  Delivery should once again be as pleasant as ever!

All this information was gathered at my 36 week appointment yesterday.  This appointment officially began "Baby Watch 2010" with the first check of my cervix.  It was luckily not in any shape to have a baby yet, but from this point on it will be checked on a weekly basis.  We also had an ultrasound done which confirmed MJ is positioned correctly, head down, and ready for delivery.  They estimated her current weight between 6 1/2 and 7 lbs.  I'm hoping that means her birth weight will be in the 7 1/2 to 8 lb range - and for recovery purposes I'm begging.

I gained a whopping 1 lb in the last two weeks making my weight gain total 31 lbs so far.  Not too shabby.  At this point however it wouldn't matter if I was 10 or 20 pounds heavier - uncomfortable is uncomfortable.

I can honestly say that I am ready for all that comes with taking care of an infant.  My only experience has been Evan and that was the hardest job I've ever had to date.  I'm confident that MJ will be easier, but any way you look at it night feedings can take their toll.  Luckily we are able to have Evan in his program which will make things a lot easier those first few weeks.  I will also have my mom here as she has decided to move to the area in just a few weeks.  YAY!!!!  I couldn't be happier to have my mom in the same town, not only to help me with a newborn, but to be a permanent fixture in Evan and MJ's lives.  Having grandparents near by is really special for a child.  I was not fortunate enough to have that so I am extremely happy that my children will.

So in just 4 short weeks Robert and I will be moving my mom here and welcoming our baby girl to the family.  Man, time really does fly!


Score said...

Maybe her head won't be tooooo big. I can't believe it's so close now. Time does fly.
kylie-we need to discuss the trip to Myrtle Beach.

Sarah said...

So glad to hear that you only gained 31 lbs, good job! Excited.

jack said...

You are very lucky to have your mom. My mom goes to help out in nashville as much as she can. Its funny, my sister did nothing but complain about mom before the kids, now she is always begging her to come visit.